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Empty Magazines, v.2.0

If anyone remembers that story I posted here and asked for feedback on? Well this is the end result, and what I handed in at school. I got an A for it. :>

The empty magazine slides out of the pistol grip, falling to the bloodied ground. A faint whisp of gunpowder smoke rises from the magazine as it becomes motionless, just another skeleton to inhabit the scorched plane. My right arm, holding the long katana lashes out into the throat of my enemy. The once bright blade is dull with the blood of others. I hold him there for a moment, not allowing his lifeless body to collapse. I withdraw the sword allowing myself to look around - the sky, dark with the smoke of war. My platoon, all dead, their bodies mixed with those of our enemy. These enemy soldiers, the enemy of this free world. Why are they here? They invaded us, this makes them our enemy. What is it they want? Why did they have to be so violent? Maybe they just have a different view on life to us. What a pathetic reason to invade a planet. Yes, they are our enemey, and I will kill them. I reach into my supply belt and take out a fresh magazine, this time the ammunition is incendiary type. I slide it with a click into the Jackal 13 held in my left hand, readying it with my teeth. The ever approaching soldiers get closer, I aim the gun at the nearest one's chest, firing a single shot. I don't see him die, as I turn my attention on another solider, but I know he has. The bullet enters the chest cavity, then ignites and explodes. They do die, there can be no doubt. There are more of them now, never ending streams of soldiers. I know, in my subconcious, that I cannot win this battle on my own. I will die. I slide my sword through the neck of an enemy that happed too close. I fire another round from the Jackal, tearing the head of my target clean off. A strange feeling encompasses me, as if I am no longer a part of this war, this attack on our freedom. I find myself remembering the time before the invasion. A time when the newly colonized planets lived happily, with no war, no poverty and very little disease. It was as close to heaven as the human race would probably ever get. My sword and gun rip through more hordes of approaching soldiers and again I pop the now empty magazine out and reload the Jackal. I realize then that I'm down to my last clip. I know this is the beginning, the beginning of the chain reaction that will signifty my death. The severity of the situation hits me then, and words from a song, from an age long past find their way into my head. "I just want to run around,f ly kites, wrestle jump and play. Swim through waves that crash to shore. The memories in me, cocooned in misery." I find myself humming the tune as my sword rips through someone I've never met, and now because of my actions, I never will meet. Thoughts of the life I lead pervade my thoughts. A life that will never return to me. My Jackal fires it's last few rounds into the enemy. Silence becomes the overbearing noise. The enemy soldiers have stopped advancing. In the thick silence I can hear blood dropping from the blade of my sword. Then, cold steel pierces my back, accompanied by a flash of white hot pain. It's over, the pain becomes background noise, and I slowly drop to the ground. Looking up one last time I find myself staring at the hilt of my sword. The intricate sculptured iron holds me hypnotised. Then it all fades. My life draws to a close. My life is over.

No, it isn't. I open my eyes, seeing the familiar white ceiling. A sense of destiny overwhelmes my senses. Fear, curiosity. THe strange red planet. This same strange dream which leaves me with a feeling of inescapable destiny. What does it mean? Why does it keep occuring in the exact same way? I look out into my familiar green and gold garden, the sunlight touching the leagees of some dafodil plants. Experts say that dreams are about subconcious desire. I know that this is not true. Normal dreams can not be accompanied by such a strong feeling of destiny. I know that this is something huge. i sit up in bed and realize that I slept through my alarm.

I guess you could say that the idea came from: Final Fantasy: The spirits within, Hellsing, A lot of other anime, Dune.
Excuse spelling errors, there should not be many though.
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